ITLP and Twos Programme

Infant and Toddler Learning Programme (ITLP) is provided for children who are six months to two years of age. Children attend with a familiar family member.

Being part of a group
Children play side by side in a bilingual environment that offers many choices. Sometimes they are engaged for short periods, before quickly moving on to new activities. The children are often drawn to adults who respectfully join in the play and activities.


Learning language
Co-Teachers respond to children’s early words, gestures or sounds, recognising their attempt to communicate in different ways. Exposure to books, to actions, feelings, songs and favourite toys, all stimulate language.

Play and learning
Active play is provided through sensory exploration, climbing, music and dancing and through enabling children to move between inside and outside environments. Art activities are usually about the experience with the materials and books; favourite activities and songs are often repeated.


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