University Guidance

YCIS Hong Kong currently employs four full-time University Guidance Counsellors to help students in Years 11 to 13 evaluate their educational and professional future. The University Guidance Office (UGO) also helps all students optimise their chances of success and offers guidance and support through the process of university application.

The UGO offers university admissions guidance to students, as well as assistance with their IB course selection, as they are prepared to attend a university and follow an appropriate programme in their chosen subject and at their preferred destination. The UGO also offers one-to-one university planning support, assists students in compiling the necessary materials required for university and college applications, and helps prepare transcripts and reference letters for students. The Counsellors’ expertise in the application processes allows them to help keep students and parents informed about the requirements for tertiary studies, the courses and programmes offered in various countries, and the variety of application processes.


Visits by representatives from a wide range of universities and colleges from the US, the UK, Australia, Continental Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and elsewhere are arranged throughout the academic year. This gives our students and their parents an excellent opportunity to meet and speak directly with overseas university representatives about admission to their respective universities and also to learn about university life and their academic programmes.

Information nights and career days are frequently organised on campus to prepare better our students for the planning of their future. Overseas university acceptance is impressive year to year, as our culturally diverse, assiduous and diligent students continue to achieve their academic goals, attaining places at some of the top international universities.

The world of Higher Education (HE) is changing more rapidly now than ever before and it is important that parents are aware of these trends so that they can help their sons and daughters make properly informed choices about programmes and universities based on a understanding of HE issues as they are, and not speculation and out-of-date information. As such we have a very useful UGO section available from the Parent Login at the top left of this page.

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