Garage Sale and Dress Casual Day

From June 13-17 the Christian and Moral Education Division (CMED) sponsored a Garage Sale to not only raise money for “Seeds of Hope” project, but also to promote environmental awareness through recycling. Thanks to the generous donations of students and staff, the items for sale included toys, electronic goods, clothes, books, handbags, and CDs and DVDs. Not only was money raised but the items were a blessing to those that needed them.

On June 20 CMED with the Student Council organised a Dress Casual Day for all Secondary students. The event was to raise money for the Seeds of Hope to build a Seeds of Hope School in Shandong Province. By paying a donation of at least HK$20 the students were able to forgo their normal school uniform and wear appropriate street clothes.

The Garage Sale and Dress Casual Day raised a total of HK$ 11,900 for Seeds of Hope.

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