Bringing Stories to Life

At the end of March, the Year 1 classes from Primary Section held their Curriculum Day event. Excited parents, friends and relatives gathered to watch the classes perform their interpretations of six traditional tales: The Three Little Pigs (1YS), Little Red Riding Hood (1OA), Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1VA), Jack and the Beanstalk (1CS), The Gingerbread Man (1RY), and The Enormous Turnip (1HN). The classes presented in a variety of ways, using various media including: drama, song, poetry reading and even a presentation using Apple’s iMovie software.

The show was a culmination of a four-week unit that the children had been studying on Traditional Tales. The classes also worked very closely with one of our Artists-in-Residence, Emily Eldridge, to produce a series of watercolour paintings depicting scenes from the stories. A selection of these can be seen here. Challenged too, by the desire to raise money for those less fortunate than themselves, the children decided that they would make refreshments, including turnip soup and gingerbread men, for the parents to buy after the performances. In doing so, HK$1,750 was raised for Seeds of Hope.

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