Message From Our Co-principals

Welcome to Yew Chung International School (YCIS)

At YCIS we are fully committed to providing a nurturing, fully rounded, dual language environment for all students in our care. Our campuses, located in the heart of Kowloon Tong, offer a through-train education* to students from six months to 18 years old.

YCIS adopts a multicultural and bilingual learning mode in the context of a Christian framework. The multicultural aspect aims to produce global citizens while the bilingual learning mode puts equal emphasis on the teaching of Chinese and English.

Our goal is to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment in which our students can know they are accepted, feel safe and take risks with their learning. We desire that our students enjoy the learning process and that they develop a positive attitude towards learning, becoming lifelong learners. With this in mind, we encourage our students to be active learners, involved with, and taking responsibility for, their own learning.

As the world changes and becomes more globalised, we pride ourselves on preparing our students to become adaptable, multilingual global citizens fully ready for positions of great worth within society. Thank you for considering YCIS as your endeavours to fully prepare your child for a competitive multicultural world.

We invite you to visit us and enjoy the YCIS experience.
* Final discretion for all admissions rest with the schools.

Ms Kate McAlister

Kate McAlister, Early Childhood Co-Principal

Ms McAlister began her career in teaching in 2004, first as an Assistant Teacher, then a Master Teacher at the Sonoma State University Children’s School in the US. She joined YCIS in 2011 and held an ECE Co-ordinator position from August 2011, with emphasis on teacher professional development and family engagement.

Ms McAlister holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education from the Sonoma State University, US. She also holds a Child Development Program Director Permit from California, US and has given multiple public presentations at various Early Childhood Education conferences.

Ms Au Hoi Neung

Au Hoi Neung (Gladys) – Early Childhood Co-Principal

Mrs Au gained a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. With her expansive teaching experience stretching 33 years she carries a wealth of understanding and knowledge. Her early childhood education career has been centred in Hong Kong, serving the local and international families. Mrs Au’s leadership experience is currently reaching 11 years with campus co-ordinator’s and Co-Principal’s roles.

Mr Martin Scott

Martin Scott – Acting Executive Principal & Primary Co-Principal

Mr Martin Scott has been in education since 1988, commencing as a primary teacher in the UK. He advanced to leadership and management appointments internationally, notably in Serbia, China, Thailand, Nigeria, Libya, and the UK.

Mr Scott holds a Bachelor of Education Honours degree and qualified as an Ofsted Inspector in 2014, obtaining the added qualification in School Inspection with Distinction from Liverpool Hope University, UK. He has been responsible for supporting the development and raising of standards in a number of schools, additional to his own, through the Schools Supporting Schools initiative in Norfolk, UK. In addition, he has been a consultant headteacher with Her Majesty's Inspectors of School Reference Board, served on numerous committees of the Local Education Authority and been Vice-Chairman of the Primary Headteachers Association.

Ms Lan Huey Tan

Lan Huey Tan (Iris) – Primary Co-Principal

Ms Tan’s further education awarded her a Bachelor of Arts degree (majoring in Journalism). She also gained a Master of Education majoring in Chinese Language Education, Child Development in Social Context, plus Effective Leadership and Management in Education. Originating from Malaysia, her teaching experience took place from 1993 until 2008 at Hong Kong Lingnan School and thereafter at YCIS Hong Kong Primary School. Ms Tan’s Educational Administration Experience is rooted at YCIS for the last few years.

Mr Neal Maxwell

Neal Maxwell – Secondary Co-Principal

Mr Maxwell holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in Education, a graduate diploma in Arts - Leadership, a diploma in Teaching and is a qualified Leadership Mentor. He commenced his career as a teacher over 34 years ago and has served as a school principal for 24 years in primary and secondary schools. His leadership roles have taken place in Australia, UAE, Papua New Guinea and Jordan, adding greatly to his international experience. Mr Maxwell has also greatly contributed to various professional developments and mentoring schemes in school leadership.

Dr Lam Tung Fei

Lam Tung-fei - Secondary Co-Principal

Dr Lam Tung-fei holds a doctorate in Education from the University of Hong Kong. He graduated from the same university with a BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature, and received master’s degrees from the University of Melbourne and the City University of Hong Kong. His teaching and leadership experience spans over different age group, curricula such as IB programmes and many years with YCIS, having also been stationed in YCIS Qingdao as Chinese Co-principal. In addition to his works in international schools, he also lectured extensively at the University of Hong Kong about Chinese teaching and learning such as Chinese L2 assessment and reporting, school-based curriculum design as well as pedagogical knowledge of teaching Chinese as a second language.

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