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    Guiding you on the path to top UK Universities

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    08 Aug, 2023

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    • Are you contemplating studying at a prestigious UK university, but are apprehensive about the competitive selection process? Look no further than our Careers & University Guidance Office (CUGO) programme, specifically designed to prepare students like you for the rigor of UK university admissions.


      We bring together top academic staff from UK universities, highly skilled and experienced CUGO leaders, as well as other specialists to provide intellectual challenges and stimulation, helping you develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your university application.


      Our programme takes an interdisciplinary approach and gives you a glimpse into the distinctive environment and pedagogy of university study. We also focus on building your intellectual confidence and curiosity by exposing you to different university and learning environments. By the end of the programme, you will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, experience, and judgment to write compelling applications, perform well in interviews and multiple mini interviews (MMIs), and make a positive impression on admissions selectors.


      The programme includes visits to university campuses and departments that align with your interests. You will also participate in specialised workshops, lectures, seminars, interview preparation, mock interviews, and tutorials. To add to the experience, there will be cultural visits and activities to provide a well-round experience.


      Join us at the Somerset Cultural Centre, located in Knowle Hall, a historic manor house nestled in the picturesque countryside, which is also superbly located for visiting various UK university campuses.

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      Venue : Knowle Hall, Somerset, UK

      Date : 20 to 30 October 2023

      Cost:  £5,000 (includes round trip air tickets to Hong Kong/UK, local transportation, accommodation,

      meals and activities 

      Target Students : Year 11 or Year 12 


      The programme is coordinated by YCYW Education Director, Mr Tin Ip and is developed by our team of YCYW experts including Mr Nick Strong, Head of CUGO; Dr Alvin Kwan, Assistant regional Coordinator for CUGO and Head of Advanced University Preparation (AUP) programme; and Ms Jen Poh, CUGO Counsellor Specialist in elite university applications. 


      Seize this unique opportunity to prepare yourself for admission into elite UK universities. A detailed programme outline will be available online a few weeks prior to the start of the programme.

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