YCIS Students Score Top in the World and Top in Hong Kong and 19 Students Obtain at Least 8As in 2017 IGCSE Exams

YCIS Year 11 students consistently bring home Top in the World and Top in Hong Kong for a range of subjects. For many years YCIS Secondary students have attained excellent results. We are delighted and proud to announce their huge success again in 2017 IGCSE exam. This year, one student achieved Top in the World and two other students won Top in Hong Kong in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

Details are as follows:

Awards Subjects Name of Student
Top in the World Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese Huang Kai-nan
Top in Hong Kong First Language Chinese Rebecca Zhang Zhe-xing
  Design & Technology Fung Ching-laam

In the past eight years (2010 – 2017), YCIS students have been very consistent in attaining Top in Hong Kong in First Language Chinese for seven years, and earning Top in the World and/or Top in Hong Kong in Design and Technology for six years.

The following table summarises our students’ outstanding results in the IGCSE exam held in May and June 2017.

No. of As (A* & A) scored by individual students No. of students Award winners among these students Outstanding Learner Awards
11 3 Fung Ching-laam Top in Hong Kong
10 2 Huang Kai-nan Top in the World
9 3    
8 11 Rebecca Zhang Zhe-xing Top in Hong Kong

In all individual subject exams taken by YCIS students, there are 510 grade A* and grade A awarded; even more encouraging was that 86% of the cohort obtained the awards of distinctions or merits, with 35% awarded distinction.

Their achievements are highlighted below:

 No. of Year 11 students sat for IGCSE exams 138
 No. of Distinction awards 48 (35% of students)
No. of Merit awards 71 (51% of students)
 Percentage of A*- A grades  41% of all subjects taken
 Percentage of A* - C grades  86% of all subjects taken

The students’ achievements in the IGCSE examinations are evidence of the effectiveness of YCIS’s global education approach. Congratulations go to all Year 11 students and the school for their excellent achievements. We wish them all the very best in their further studies.