YCIS Students Thrive in 2018 IGCSE Exams

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results announced today. YCIS’s students have achieved very good results in the IGCSE exams.

In the exams held in May and June 2018:

  • 2 of our students received straight A’s (A* and A) in TEN subjects;
  • 6 students received NINE A’s (A* and A);
  • 11 students received EIGHT A’s (A* and A).

Among the 117 students registering for the exams, 85% of them were awarded distinctions or merits, while 41% of students received the distinction.

Their achievements are highlighted below:

 No. of Year 11 students sat for IGCSE exams


 No. of Distinction awards


 No. of Merit awards


 Percentage of A*- A grades

 48% of all subjects taken

 Percentage of A* - C grades

 88% of all subjects taken


Executive Principal Martin Scott said, “Congratulations to all Year 11 students and the school for their excellent achievements. Such results symbolize the success and commitment of YCIS’s unique educational approach in nurturing academically able students with bilingual proficiency, global and multi-cultural mindset and prepare them for the challenges in the 21st century. It is the collective efforts of the School, students, teachers and parents. We look forward to further developing and equipping our students as they move onto the IB Diploma Programme and further studies, and wish them all the very best.”