YCIS Students shine in 2016 IGCSE Exams

YCIS’s Secondary students have once again achieved excellent results in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. In 2016, two YCIS students received straight As (A* and A) in ELEVEN subjects and three other students received TEN straight As (A* and A), while eight students earned NINE straight As (A* and A).

An impressive number of students achieved grades of A* or A while perhaps even more encouraging was that almost 85% of the cohort obtained the awards of distinctions and merits.

Their achievements are highlighted below:

 No. of Year 11 students sat for IGCSE exams 135 
 No. of Distinction awards  51
 No. of Merit awards  63
 No. of students who obtained 8 or more A* or A  23
 No. of students who obtained 7 or more A* or A  36
 No. of students who obtained 6 or more A* or A  41
 Percentage of A*- A grades  38% of all subjects taken
 Percentage of A* - C grades  80% of all subjects taken

Furthermore, YCIS students also claimed Top in the World and Top in Hong Kong awards in the June 2015 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, which recognise exceptional learners. Details are as follows: 

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2015  Subjects 
 Top in the World  First Language Chinese
 Top in Hong Kong  International Mathematics
   Global Perspectives (2 students)


The students’ achievements in these examinations are evidence of the effectiveness of YCIS’s global education approach. Congratulations go to all Year 11 students for their brilliant achievements and the school. We wish them all the very best in their study for the IB Diploma Programme.

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