Top Tips for Early Childhood Interview Season

It is kindergarten interview season in Hong Kong. Many kindergartens across the region commence the process, which is in accordance with the Education Bureau guidelines. Here’s some advice and tips for parents:

  • Make sure you have confirmed your attendance with the admissions office, if you have received an invitation. This ensures your child’s file will be prepared.
  • Carefully note the campus exact location, interview time and what you should bring with you.
  • It sounds obvious, but it is worth allowing plenty of time for the journey. Check the best way to travel there.
  • At this stage you should have a good communication channel with the chosen kindergarten(s) and so hopefully you have a clear idea of their interview style.
  • Find out if the parents need to remain with the child or the kindergarten takes your child to a room for interaction / assessment.
  • Interviews for children are very much a product of the Hong Kong entry system. Before your interview day you may check with the admissions office about any expectation. Have a casual chat with your child a short while before and do all you can to stay relaxed and calm. If you show any signs of worry then your child will sense this and wonder why.
  • Try to relax and enjoy the interaction with the early childhood teaching staff. This could be your first face-to-face exchange with some of the people you will make a strong relationship with, as the home-school partnership begins.
  • Allow for a well-earned good night’s sleep for all the family the night before the interview.
  • Take the time to have a family breakfast or lunch to feel energis
  • You should have a good understanding of the educational philosophy and programme of the kindergarten. During the interview you should feel welcome to ask all about school life, so that you can imagine your child benefiting there.
  • Remember that your child’s welfare and development are at the heart of this process. So, please open up and share all that you can about your child. If you are anxious about any aspect of your child’s development please be sure to discuss this with the teaching staff at the interview. They are the experts to guide you.
  • Avoid reading about interviews on social media platforms! Don’t worry about hyped up worries from other parents, concentrate on your experience and remember it is all about finding the right place for your child to flourish. The interview should be enjoyed by all of you.
  • Talk with the staff directly about the school’s key strengths – staff should be able to enlighten you deeply.
  • Check what else you need to know – will there be a bus service to where you plan to live or can you make other arrangements? What’s the academic calendar? When is the first day of the new academic year and does your child need to be on campus for any reason before that date? When will you receive the next communication about starting school?