Saying Goodbye at the End of a School Year

The countdown to the end of the school year has begun. The end is in sight! After a busy year of assignments and exams, with sport and music commitments drizzled amongst the assessments, YCIS students are feeling ready for the holidays. 

Summer holiday plans are already being dreamt up – Where should I go? Is it time for a new wardrobe? Where can I find more Insta-worthy food? 

Summer always feels like a time of change. We can put the previous year behind us and start anew! This can be both an exciting prospect (new year, new me!) or totally challenging. For some, the change is bigger than a new beach outfit. For some, it’s time to change schools… and this can feel quite daunting. 

Why do people change schools? 

For Year 13 students, it’s pretty obvious – it’s time to say goodbye to Secondary school and hello to the next stage of life (be it university, or a job)! The safety net of school is being lifted and university looms ahead. Some people feel confident about this change, and that’s great! Others however might be holding their reservations in quite tightly, and that’s okay too! It is a scary process and you probably will stumble a bit, but everyone eventually finds his or her way (even if it wasn’t what they’d originally envisioned). 

For some families, a job in Hong Kong has come to its end. With a contract over, it’s time to move on. It’s not easy to stay in Hong Kong without an income, so families have to relocate for work. This can be both exciting and scary at the same time, but always an adventure. 

In some cases, students are exploring other study options. Not everyone is suited to the same curriculum, and relocation might be needed. In order to accommodate different study requirements, students may have to take the leap and move overseas to study a different style of course before university. 

What can we do to stay in touch? 

Whilst it can be sad to move away, or have friends who have to, it’s going to be all right!  Thanks to social media and technology it is super easy to stay in touch! We no longer have to rely on snail mail to keep in contact; we can do so with the touch of our fingers on the keypad and be instantly connected. 

FaceTime and Skype allow us to not only speak to people in other countries and time zones, but we can even see them too. 

What can we learn/gain from these friendships? 

Despite the sadness of having to say goodbye to friends who are moving overseas, like every cloud, this one does have its silver lining. Make sure you spend a little extra time with those mean the most to you, before any departure. 

By having international friends you’ve already started a global network. Connections all around the globe are a great thing to have. Think of meeting up with old friends in New York or London. Imagine reconnecting with old schoolmates in a similar field of work many years from now! Having a friend overseas is always a great excuse to travel. 

A final thought: 

In the international city that is Hong Kong, many faces come and equally many faces go. You will never forget your time at YCIS and will learn to appreciate all the good things the school has done for you. 

If you are leaving in June, good luck in all that you do. Stay true to yourself and do wonderful things. 

If you are returning to YCIS in August, do so with a smile and a wave to everyone. Get ready to welcome new faces and new friends and be prepared to engage with all that is offered you. 

Having a school family means you always have someone who knows you and cares for you. So whether you’ve been around for a few months, or your whole life, YCIS will always consider you family. Don’t forget to sign-up with your Alumni Association and keep those contacts.