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  • Supporting Your Children Through Exams

    As exam season approaches, tensions rise, stress reaches boiling point and a number of tears are likely to be shed. Exam time is widely recognised as stressful for a household and although some members are more affected than others, everyone is aware of what is happening.

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  • Celebrating Chinese New Year Around the World

    Many people all around the world enjoy the holiday season. Christmas and New Years is a time to be with family, relax and to reflect on the past year. Whilst the festivities in the western world are slowing down, now that it is January, many Chinese-speaking countries are about to begin their biggest celebration of the year.

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  • Next stop: University!

    As the university offers roll in, it’s time to make final choices, so you may be feeling a little stressed! It’s time to make that big decision, and if you’ve been given more than one university offer (well done!) it can be hard to know what to do next. There’s no simple answer or formula, but, before you begin accepting or rejecting offers, read through our tips which help make the process easier and aids you when making your final decisions.

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  • The Impact of Relocation on Children

    The influence and continued emerging results of globalisation seem endless. People are on the move like never before. If you are reading this helpful publication it is highly likely you are either in the planning stage of relocation or considering options. If you are a parent then the decision does not just rest with your needs and concerns, but your partner’s and children’s. Today there is an enormous span of international school options, particularly if you are moving to a modern and well-developed part of the world.

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  • Top Tips for Early Childhood Interview Season

    It is kindergarten interview season in Hong Kong. Many kindergartens across the region commence the process, which is in accordance with the Education Bureau guidelines. Here’s some advice and tips for parents:

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  • Making the First Decision for an International Kindergarten for Your Child in Hong Kong?

    Many first-time parents may be perplexed and unsure about how to choose the right preschool for their child. Making the first choice for your child’s education may not be easy, especially with almost 1,000 kindergartens in Hong Kong. Other than the programme and philosophy, cost and location, there are still various points you can consider:

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