IB Pathway

The IB Pathway Programme is developed to support students entering at Year 11 who wish to pursue the pre-university International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme afterwards at YCIS.

Students give many hours for Creativity Activity Service volunteer work

What is IB Pathway?

IB Pathway is a comprehensive and rigorous programme that prepares candidates for the two-year IB Diploma Programme. During this year students receive a well-balanced and challenging education which aims at enhancing their knowledge base and developing various skills: critical thinking, creativity, research and writing, organisation, time management, oral presentation, exam writing and independent learning skills.

Students research using technology

Why study IB Pathway?

Yew Chung International School – Secondary has introduced the IB Pathway Programme to support students who are considering an alternative route and enter Upper Secondary international education. In some cases, students completing S3 or Form 4 may not possess the necessary skills and knowledge base. Hence, IB Pathway is developed to provide a solid base of knowledge and skills, which emulate the rigorous IB Diploma Programme to follow.

Secondary students enjoying collaboration

The IB Pathway Curriculum

In IB Pathway, students will study six subject areas plus core elements that parallel the IB Diploma Programme. 

Compulsory subjects:

English, Chinese, Mathematics, Economics, Humanities, Chemistry

Please choose ONE subject  from each of the following subject areas:


  • Biology
  • Physics


  • Art
  • Design & Technology

Students develop art skills through painting and other mediums

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

All students must participate in CAS activities outside their normal lessons. A minimum of 15 hours in each of these components is required. 

Graduates celebrating their success

Critical Thinking / Research Project

This is an independent reflective project whose main objective is to prepare students for the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge components of the IB Diploma Programme to follow.