Why Families Choose YCIS

Primary students study the globe with teacher

Unique Blend of East and West

At the root of our philosophy is the blend of two main cultures, of the East and the West. We believein the benefits in becoming truly bilingual as the real essence of a culture must also be understood and valued. Two Co-Principals, one international, one Chinese, jointly lead their school. They represent the union of the East and West working closely alongside each other. Co-teaching takes place in the lower year levels, which encourages the use of English and Chinese in the learning environment. Our Chinese Studies programme, designed from extensive research, includes China Classroom excursions and field trips, is integrated within the Primary and Lower Secondary curricula. We provide an environment that nurtures a bilingual education, for every student, and the ability to embrace these differing yet inspiring cultures.

Students receive certificates for Character Education in assembly

International Curriculum

Our experienced highly qualified teachers and educators dedicate their expertise towards in-depth curriculum research, by every subject and age group. The result is a unique international programme drawing the best from around the world, and not restricted to one national curriculum. We value every step of a child’s learning journey and ensure our learning programme adheres to the philosophy of our school. The attainment of a strong skill-set is very much needed in the workplace today, gaining even more importance for the next generation. Our researchers ensure our education brings opportunities to the students, expanding skills such as research ability, critical thinking, analysis, creativity, problem solving and collaborative working. Our pledge is to provide a well-rounded, holistic learning approach for every YCIS student; with the ultimate objective for our graduates to gain the ability to succeed in an ever-changing globalised world throughout their adulthood.

Primary children in a violin lesson

Established History

The first Yew Chung class was formed in 1932 in Hong Kong for kindergarten-aged children. Even at the commencement of Yew Chung its founder, Madame Tsang Chor-hang, held a profoundly advanced vision, which became the root of Yew Chung’s philosophy today. Over the subsequent decades the breadth of the education grew to provide further for students at infant age to Secondary graduation. This development embraced and expanded to bring international education to students whilst being a pioneer for leading teaching methods. As the world evolved and witnessed global changes Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) became greatly sought after. Today, each YCIS School has become very well established in each city of location. The Schools are internationally accredited and authorised by international examination boards.

Early Childhood children paint together

Focus on Values

At YCIS we recognise we have an important role to play, within the immediate and wider global society, with a strong sense of social responsibility. We uphold the significance of values, whether in terms of moral values between people or the living environment around us. Guided by our Life Education and Character Education programmes, we bring relevant issues to our students to allow them to see the affects that we can bring, as today’s people on our planet. We give our students hands-on opportunities to make a positive difference and for them to also experience helping others internationally via our World Classroom programme. From early childhood to senior students, all students can gain a sense of helping others towards a better world. We embed this objective within our school philosophy and ensure every prospect of achieving this is captured.