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    Early Childhood

    Fundamental skills and whole child development.

    At YCIS, our early childhood programme is all about immersing our students in a supporting, bilingual learning environment where our teachers work together with parents to develop confident, caring and curious young learners. The focus in these early years is on whole-child development, building the character foundations, personal and social values that will support students for life.

    The Yew Chung kindergarten programme was established over eight decades ago in Hong Kong, which is one of the top Hong Kong preschools and initiated many practices. Through worldwide education research, the programmes our highly experienced teaching staff bring today are progressive, up-to-date and very well balanced for our children of the future. We believe every child is unique and should seek their personal journey to grow in the key areas of child development:

    • Emotional, personal and social
    • Communication and literacy
    • Numeracy, problem solving and reasoning
    • Understanding knowledge of the world
    • Physical development Creative development

    We create stimulating, play-based child-centred learning environments in a bilingual setting, English and Chinese, nurtured by our Co-Teachers. Early embracement of music features in our four year olds' violin programme. Co-Teachers build a portfolio per child to show their individual development path through open exploration.


    To support our strong home-school partnership we run interesting workshops for parents, grandparents and care-givers as part of our programme.


    • Philosophy and Objectives

      At YCIS, our bilingually focused, research-based, and holistic approach to education helps our students build a strong foundation and range of skills from an early age. In our ECE programme, it's imperative that our students view themselves as competent learners and know that they are valued. As part of our philosophy, we welcome families' interest in their children's learning journey, and we encourage their active involvement on campus and in our school community.


    Co-teaching effectively facilitates the bilingual learning environment where both Chinese and English languages are equally valued. ECE Co-Teachers provide an environment where children interact naturally, feel comfortable about their own identity and communication and begin to move easily between cultures.


    As the heads of our school, two Co-Principals, one Western and one Chinese, work together to provide academic leadership and oversee the implementation of the Early Childhood education at their respective campuses. Our Co-Principals' successful cross-cultural collaboration acts as a model for Co-Teachers, students, and the greater YCIS community alike.


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