Christian Missionary Benefit

YCIS Hong Kong supports Christian Missionary families and nourishes talented students

For over 85 years, YCIS has been offering quality and innovative global education to its students, based on Christian beliefs and values. As an expert in education and a caring organisation, YCIS actively involves in keeping ourselves at the forefront of education development and research, to provide and equip our children with the most appropriate and timely skills for the challenging future, whilst addressing education needs in the society, which includes scholarships (click here to know more), as well as granting special tuition fee assistance to children of Christian missionary families.

At YCIS Hong Kong, we offer the Christian Missionary Support Policy for children from Christian missionary families, to attend our school and receive our quality education. For enquiries on your eligibility and the terms and conditions, please contact Scholarships and Award Manager at  or +852 3975 6820.