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    YCYW's 1st STEM'ed Conference: Driving Intelligent Integration

    EdFutures News

    24 May, 2024

    18 : 47

    The Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW) hosted the inaugural STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education Conference at YWIES Beijing Yizhuang on 9-11 May 2024.


    The EdFutures Division organised the conference, and more than 50 STEM teachers from YCYW campuses attended. The event featured more than 20 workshops, as well as an exhibition of high-tech products. Participants exchanged ideas about educational practices and explored the infinite possibilities of STEM education.

    • In his opening address, Dr Christopher Hurley, Head of the EdFutures Division, highlighted the importance of STEM education in the current educational environment. He remarked, 


      “We are grateful to YCYW for establishing a valuable platform for faculty exchange. This not only promotes collaboration and professional development within YCYW, but also acts as a catalyst for advancing STEM education.”


      The conference highlighted the concept of "One Network", which connects STEM teachers from different YCYW campuses to create a robust learning community. This network facilitates online communication and resource sharing, and promotes cooperation across campuses and disciplines. Through this platform, teachers can quickly access cutting-edge educational resources, share teaching experiences, and jointly address teaching challenges.


      During the conference, participating teachers could choose from more than 20 rich and diverse sessions about various aspects of STEM education. The workshops covered  topics such as: "Growing Smart: Combining Aquaponics and Arduinos for Sustainable Farming," "Smart Quizizz, Smarter Students: AI Revolution in Learning," and "Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds Beyond the Classroom". Teachers chose sessions according to their interests and professional goals, and delved into the latest trends and practical experiences in STEM education.

    Teachers expressed their excitement and enthusiasm about the conference, 

    • They are eager to apply what they had learned so as to enhance their teaching methods.


      In addition to the YCYW teachers, the conference also invited several external experts, including professional 3D printing technicians. These experts, with their extensive practical experience and professional knowledge, provided detailed guidance on everything from equipment operations and material selection to printing techniques. This enriched the teachers' understanding of 3D printing technology, and stimulated their interest in integrating the technology into their teaching.


      The conference also highlighted the interdisciplinary approach that defines YCYW. Teachers shared examples of how to integrate mathematics with science and business, as well as mathematics with humanities and arts. This approach broadens the students' horizons and improves their integrative and creative skills.


      At the STEM Education Conference, we not only witnessed the integration of technology and education, but also felt the passion and dedication of teachers towards STEM education. YCYW will continue to explore new fields and methodologies in STEM education, and strive to cultivate future talents with an innovative spirit and practical skills. In addition, we look forward to more educators, experts, and scholars joining the STEM education community and contributing their insights for the development of education.