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    Founder’s Day

    School News

    01 Nov, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Since the 80th anniversary in 2012 our network of schools has annually marked the legacy of Yew Chung’s founder, Madame Tsang-Chor hang. She commenced the first school in 1932 with an early years’ kindergarten. Her vision remains at the heart of the schools’ philosophy.

      Today, the Yew Chung International School (YCIS) network stretches beyond Hong Kong to key cities in China and holds a school in USA, uniting over 6,000 students. The founder’s daughter, Dr Betty Chan, who holds an extraordinary lifetime’s dedication to international education, research and programme development from early years to Secondary education, was in Hong Kong to enjoy the occasion.

      Friday 14 October marked Founder’s Day for 2016. With orchestrated live-feed from all schools these ‘virtual visits’ to all YCIS locations were shared by thousands. Dr Chan addressed all students and staff with a live broadcast acknowledging the achievements of 2016 and expressed her thanks to all stakeholders who passionately maintain (her mother’s) Yew Chung’s philosophy and heritage.

      The day opened, thereafter, to celebrations in many forms. YCIS secondary students, inspired by the 2016 Paralympics, participated in Paralympic style sports. They tried “sitting volleyball”, a blindfolded assault course and more, which gave them experience and appreciation for the extra challenges needed to compete with a disability. The Primary students embraced a sports and activity session; one feature being a visiting Maori citizen to teach them the Haka routine.

      Dr Chan visited several classes in Hong Kong, of many different ages, to enjoy their off-timetable activities. For all involved it reiterated the longevity, established history and indeed size of the organisation, whilst maintaining as a “big family” connection.