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    Co-Curricular Activities for 2016-17 School Year

    School News

    06 Oct, 2016

    10 : 00

    • We’ve made some exciting changes to our Secondary Co-Curricular Programme this year.

      Firstly we’ve moved the activities to Friday afternoons instead of Wednesdays and this is already proving to be a popular decision as our students can fully immerse themselves in the activity and unwind for the weekend. Secondly, we’ve expanded the Programme to include more than 50 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) from sports and leisure pursuits, tech, music and science. Students can choose from coding, Taekwondo, Latin Dance, chess, tennis, yoga, robotics, badminton, hiking and cooking, to name but a few.

      Our Co-Curricular Programme is a great opportunity for students to acquire new skills and gives them the confidence to try new things that they might not otherwise experience. It also helps with their social development as they get the chance to deepen their existing friendships as well as make new friends. We believe that it’s important to give our students a wide variety of options that can aid not just physical development but improve their mental wellbeing too. Yoga is a great example of this and is one of the most popular activities in our Programme. We are one of only a handful of international schools in Hong Kong that offer yoga as well as such an extensive list of CCAs.

      Our teachers supervise the Co-Curricular Programme and for some of the activities they take on the role of facilitators as students are encouraged to take the lead. A great example of this is the Environmental Protection Club whereby students make the ultimate decision about which NGO they would like to work with and which issue they feel most passionate about. In the past they’ve opted to collaborate with The Nature Conservancy and The Jane Goodall Institute. They’ve worked on projects to conserve energy and reduce waste. Some of these projects went public, not just in Hong Kong but in Mainland China too and were a great way for our students to develop essential business skills such as time management, team building and effective communication.

      The YCIS philosophy is our commitment to all our students and at the heart of this is the development of the whole person. Our goal being to provide students with a well-rounded global education, equipping them with the 21st century skills they need to live a happy and fulfilled life.