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    Thank You for Your Service

    School News

    05 Jul, 2021

    10 : 00

    • We want to personally thank you for our staff’s service with YCIS especially throughout this strenuous and significant year. We greatly appreciate your dedicated years of service and loyalty to our school. We are well aware of all your efforts and hard work, and we cannot thank you enough. So, one of our ways to show how much we value all your sacrifices in helping this school grow to where it is today is by the long service award and retirement recognition ceremony. You went above and beyond to help this school reach its full potential.

      Again, thank you for all your contributions and all the little things you do each day to help in making our school a better place for our students. YCIS will never forget the service you provide; you will always be part of this big family.

      Staff Members Have Been Awarded:

      5 years service x 45 staff members

      10 years service x 18 staff members

      15 years service x 9 staff members

      20 years service x 11 staff members

      25 years service x 1 staff members

      30 years service x 1 staff members

      Retirement service x 11 staff members

      Total no. of awardees: 96 staff members