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    School News

    21 Jul, 2021

    10 : 00

    • During the epidemic, the number of people visiting country parks increased sharply compared to the past, and unfortunately a lot of garbage was left along the tracks including plastic waste that is difficult to decompose. All of these will seriously pollute water, land and the ecological environment. What's more unfortunate is that wild animals may eat garbage by mistake, threatening their health and affecting their foraging habits. The hazards should not be ignored.

      In order to promote environmental hiking etiquette and culture, a group of students have taken the initiative to clean up garbage, protect the ecological environment. YCIS Green EarthAssociation Society (GEA) went to Kam Shan Country Park and the nearby reservoirs for the first time to carry out garbage clearing activities on April 5. Country trails they covered are restored to cleanliness as a result. In the pictures are Enoch Cheng, Derun Li, Ricky Tsai, and Anthony Yueng from Year 12.

      GEA hopes that when you go hiking in the mountains, you should not only follow the principles such as"take away your own trash", "bring your own water bottles to reduce the use of disposable plastic products" and "dispose of masks appropriately"; but also hope that everyone can help cleaning up by pick up what other people have left behind. We actively follow our "Leave No Trace" rules and work together to protect the environment.

      By: Enoch Cheng Y12C