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    🗞GOOD NEWS: Acceptance from Oxford🗞

    School News

    12 Jan, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Huge congratulations to Derun Li, our Year 13 student on receiving an offer to study Physics at Oxford University 🏫

      Derun joined YCIS in 2015 as a Year 7 student. He further developed his interests in science and technology and attained significant improvement in English through guidance and nurturing from the school.

      Making the most of his talents, Derun is also passionate about joining various individual and group competitions. His hard work is recognized by a list of renowned awards, to name a few:

      🌟 National Gold & Global Top 150 of Sir Issac Newton Exam 2021
      🌟 Provincial 1st Prize; National Bronze in the China Physics Olympiad 2021
      🌟 Gold in British Physics Olympiad Challenge 2020 & 2021
      🌟 High Distinction in Australia Science Olympiad Physics 2020
      🌟 First Class Honour in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2021-22

      Well done Derun! It's certainly a proud moment for us and we send you best wishes for your future adventures! Keep exploring ✨

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