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    YCYW Listed in Forbes China's Top 20 Innovative Brands

    School News

    13 May, 2024

    12 : 08

    Forbes China and BINGO Consult jointly hosted the Forbes China Brand Development Forum 2024 in Guangzhou on 26 April. 


    Because of its pioneering and progressive approach to education, the Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network (YCYW) distinguished itself as the only educational institution listed in the "Top 20 Innovative Brands Selection".

    Since its founding, Forbes has been an industry leader known for its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The Forbes rankings offer readers comprehensive and insightful information, and have the reputation of being barometers for the economy. The "Top 20 Innovative Brands Selection" is one of the "2024 Forbes China Brand Value Series Selection" awards, which evaluate brands on four key criteria: market performance, reputation, communicative impact, and innovation.


    Forbes China noted that companies in the "Top 20 Innovative Brands Selection" are at the forefront of innovation, particularly in regard to cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation. These firms demonstrate innovative vitality and significant growth potential. The report specifically recognised YCYW's initiatives that transcend the boundaries of traditional education, such the establishment of the EdFutures Division and the Future School Programme.


    • Dr Christopher Hurley, Head of the EdFutures Division; Ms Shannon Shang, Education Director of YCYW; and Ms Diana Tsui, Chief Institutional Development and Marketing Officer of YCYW, attended the forum in Guangzhou on 26 April.


      YCYW has a long tradition of innovation. Since the 1970s, YCYW has spearheaded educational reform, beginning with its early adoption of "learning through play". The organisation's redefinition of "international education" and its introduction of "The 12 Values" as the cornerstone of the Yew Chung Approach to Early Childhood Education have marked YCYW as a standout institution in education.


      Because of the challenges that the world now faces, YCYW continues to break through the traditional mindset of teaching and learning. It provides education across fields and disciplines, and time and space, extending learning to the vast real world.


      The EdFutures Division, which YCYW inaugurated at the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, provides both students and faculty with comprehensive learning experiences. The division offers hands-on, real-world learning opporutnities through participation in industry and university research initiatives, including immersive medical programmes, underwater robotics workshops, and research experience at the Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR).


      In March 2024, YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang launched its Future School Programme, introducing a modular learning model typical of universities. This innovative approach divides the curriculum into four main areas: Science and Technology; Entrepreneurship; Creative and Performing Arts; and Health and Wellness. The goal is to offer students a more diversified and personalised education that will enable them to be more competitive and adaptable in their future careers.


    • In an interview with Forbes China, Dr Christopher Hurley said, "Our approach doesn't give students answers for rote memorisation or provide rigid instructions. Instead, we challenge our students to think deeply, consider ethical dimensions, and truly understand the philosophy underpinning our goals. We're committed to nurturing an appropriate mindset and a global perspective for the future.

    • During the forum's roundtable discussion on brand growth, Ms Diana Tsui remarked, "Unlike consumer brands, education brands,  prioritise their foundational mission and contributions to society. The results will vary significantly depending on whether an organisation offers education for commercial gain or is dedicated to cultivating talent through its educational efforts."


      With its 92-year legacy, YCYW has consistently dedicated itself to integrating the best of Chinese and Western cultures. Adhering to the principle of holistic education for every ability and constantly innovating educational ideas, YCYW strives to cultivate outstanding students with excellent character and competitive ability who will contribute to society. 


      During the 2024 university admissions season, YCYW graduates received conditional offers from some of the world's top universities, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Stanford University, Cornell University, and Imperial College London. What is particularly gratifying is that during their studies at YCYW, the graduates were able to explore their inner passions and aspirations, ultimately selecting paths that align with their interests, talents, and professional aspirations.


      In the future, YCYW will continue to be guided by its founding principles and people-centred approach, and committed to remaining a front runner in China’s international education.