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    Unparalleled Success of the YCIS's IGCSE 2023

    School News

    29 Aug, 2023

    12 : 45

    • Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong (YCIS Hong Kong) is delighted to announce the outstanding results that its students achieved in this year’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams. Although the students experienced fluctuations of the COVID pandemic while they were preparing for and taking the exams, they faced the challenges resolutely, and achieved impressive results in the exams, showing exemplary levels of resilience and dedication. This year there were 144 students registered for the exam with exceptional performance. A remarkable number of 3 students achieved 10 A’s (A* and A). At the top levels, 1 student achieved straight A*s -- the absolute perfect score, illustrating how capable our students are in striving towards outstanding results.


      Linda Lagunzad, the IGCSE coordinator is proud of the students’ accomplishments and the progress they have made. She also mentioned the support given by the school during the preparation for the exam. “To support our students during these challenging times, our school implemented various measures. We provided additional tutoring sessions, both in-person and online, to ensure they had the necessary academic support. We also enhanced our counselling services, offering students a safe space to discuss their concerns and receive guidance. Furthermore, we collaborated with parents and guardians to create a supportive home-study environment. By working together, we aimed to provide a comprehensive support system that nurtured their academic growth and well-being,” said Ms. Lagunzad.


      “In the midst of the many hurdles brought about by the global pandemic, we are very proud of our students who have displayed commendable resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to their education. These attributes have become the guiding light in their academic journeys, personal growth, and despite all of these challenges, they have shown an active involvement in our school community. We firmly believe that our unique learning community model has been instrumental in enabling our students to tap into their full potential during these challenging times,” said Ms Sze Yin Hung, Chinese Co-Principal of the Secondary Section at YCIS Hong Kong.

    • YCIS commemorates the outstanding achievements of the class of 2023.

      YCIS commemorates the outstanding achievements of the class of 2023.