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    TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai Welcomes You to Explore the Futures!

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    15 Jun, 2024

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    The word “future” conjures both mystery and glamour, like a vast, deep, and unknown ocean of stars. People yearn for the future, even though it is full of uncertainties.


    During the waves of technological development, we have witnessed many remarkable achievements—from the triumphs of space exploration to the wonders of deep-sea ventures; from the rise of artificial intelligence to the breakthroughs in biotechnology. Every technological innovation reshapes our understanding of the future.

    In the realm of space exploration, the Chang'e 6, China's lunar probe, successfully launched its journey to the Moon on 3 May 2024. This mission will make history by returning the first samples from the far side of the moon, helping us to understand that mysterious region. Next year, four astronauts will fly around the Moon on NASA's Artemis II manned lunar exploration mission, thereby starting a new era in human space exploration.


    In the field of biotechnology, advancements in gene-editing technology have brought revolutionary changes to fields such as treating genetic diseases and improving crop yields. At the same time, continuous breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are reshaping our daily lives and work, making the future world more intelligent and convenient.


    How we imagine the future determines how we act in the present.


    The future is like a grand symphony. For every thousand people, there are a thousand or more possible futures. Every little decision, every emerging thought, is a star. Each one contributes to the infinite possibilities that await us in future.


    is a stage for the visionaries of the future


    Please join us on 15 June as we embark on a journey to explore the Future



    An Unprecedented Celebration of Creativity

    For the first time, YCYW students from across the entire organisation in China will take part in the event. Students will share their observations and insights on artificial intelligence, technological advancements, and sociocultural dynamics.


    Summer Concerts

    YCYW students and teachers will present beautiful live performances, showcasing a harmonious interplay of melodies and ideas.


    Diverse Engagements

    Engage in interactive events, from Underwater Robotics and Smart Farm Initiatives to the VEX Robotics Competition and a Sustainable Fashion Showcase. We will continue to update information about these engaging activities!


    Community Cohesion

    Gather together with the YCYW community of teachers, students, parents, and alumni in a vibrant exchange of ideas, and immerse yourself in our rich collective culture.