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    Mandatory School Bus Scheme

    Yew Chung International School – Primary

    There are growing concerns over traffic congestion during school peak hours outside our school campuses. The vehicles which are either idling or squeezing into limited spaces in the school’s vicinity are worsening the air quality. A further issue is the huge number of private cars double-parking along Somerset Road and Kent Road, primarily around kerbside pick-up / drop-off times. This very heavy congestion is causing road safety hazards to our students, parents, pedestrians and other vehicles. Access of emergency vehicles into the neighbourhood has become extremely difficult.


    Similar to other international schools in Hong Kong, we view the problem of heavy traffic very seriously. For the health and safety of our students, we are committed to taking an active role in alleviating the traffic congestion in our neighbourhood. After carefully reviewing all available options, and with the support of the Police, Transport Department and other government authorities, starting from school year 2014-2015, we require all new Primary students to take the school bus to and from school. Applications for exemption from taking school bus will be approved by the School on a case-by-case basis.



    Yew Chung International School – Primary (YCIS) is not alone in implementing a mandatory school bus scheme. Many other schools are facing serious traffic problems, such as Hong Kong International School (Repulse Bay Campus – Primary Session), German Swiss International School (Pokfulam Campus – Primary Session) and Anfield School (Tai Wai Campus – Primary Session). These schools are also implementing similar mandatory school bus schemes.



    The Mandatory School Bus Scheme will greatly reduce the number of private cars, and offers an enduring solution to traffic problems confronting YCIS. This will not only improve the safety of our students, parents and staff, but also promote environmental conservation and awareness, which Yew Chung greatly values. As an international school that commits to nurturing global citizens, it is our responsibility to nurture environmentally conscious behaviour for our students. YCIS is determined to go the extra mile and contribute to solving the pollution problem, for the health and safety of our students and staff as well as the community. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding and thank you for your contribution towards improving the environment for all of our YCIS students.



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