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    Amplifying the Conversation: YCYW Parent Webinar Series Returns

    EdFutures News

    22 Sep, 2023

    14 : 00

    Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving. As a parent, do you feel confused?


    What do young students think about technology, social responsibility, and the family?


    How can you communicate effectively with the leadership team of your child's school?


    Although you clearly want to help, are your children accusing you of too much interference?


    How can you manage negative emotions and deal with stress and emotions?

    • When we discuss education, we are talking not only about concepts and curricula, but also about specific students and unique problems. Only through effective communication can we improve understanding, and only through meaningful discussions can problems be solved.


      Building on the overwhelming popularity and success of the previous two seasons, the third season of the YCYW Parent Webinar Series will begin on 12 October 2023!


      The theme of the third season, "The Power of Three: Smart Children, Smart Parents, Smart Schools", underscores the importance of home-school cooperation in this evolving era of education. We will expand upon the two previous seasons by introducing a rich array of professional resources. We will also add new content, including student testimonials and panel discussions with the school management teams, to launch a more diverse conversation from various perspectives.


      Dr Christopher Hurley, who is in charge of the YCYW Parent Webinar Series, explained: "The innovative ideas that our experts will share in these webinars are geared towards helping parents support their children's learning and development, while also providing strategies for coping with various challenges that arise along the way. Whether you are a valued member of our school community or just connecting with us for the first time, there is something for you."