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    YCYW Student Classroom: Inside Siemens Energy

    EdFutures News

    20 Mar, 2024

    17 : 50

    On 28th February 2024, 22 students from YWIES Tongxiang and YWIES Gubei embarked on an educational journey to the Siemens Energy High Voltage Switchgear Shanghai Factory (SHVS). This trip, an integral part of the YCYW EdFutures PowerPioneers Program, transformed theoretical concepts of computer science and physics into tangible industrial experiences.

    • Industrial Experience Tour

      The day began with a warm welcome from SHVS executives and the YCYW EdFutures team, leading into a series of hands-on activities. Initially challenged by the relevance of advanced technology, the students started with a task of designing an electrical grid supply and High Voltage Switchgear model. This foundational activity, guided by the EdFutures team, prepared them for the subsequent workshops and factory tour.

    • Practical Inquiry

      In small groups, the students constructed and wired a 3-phase 12V generator to a distribution circuit, delving into the nuances of Live, Neutral, and Earth connections. This hands-on task clarified the distinctions between 3-phase and single-phase circuits.


      Next, the students explored data sensors and actuators within 3-phase switchgear systems. They learned about the implementation of smart switches and the application of sensor and IoT technologies in these systems. A practical demonstration linked physics to computer science, illustrating how multi-disciplinary technology is applied in real-world solutions.


      The students then used AI-generated code to program Arduino, managing a model switchgear and highlighting the interplay between computer programming and electrical engineering. This also honed their IT skills as they used data to tackle electronic distribution issues.

    • Support From SHVS

      A SHVS Product Change Introduction Manager enlightened the students on the evolution and principles of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). Armed with this knowledge, the students toured the manufacturing plant and SHVS Museum with a newfound appreciation for the core technologies in use. The sight of the colossal tubes carrying the 3-phase electrical supply and the state-of-the-art GIS were particularly impressive.


      A SHVS Training Instructor led a Lego simulation game that taught the students about production processes and the need for efficiency, underscoring the value of teamwork and specialized task division.


      The day concluded with a SHVS Operations Manager delivering a Digitalization course, offering a peek into the fusion of computer science and electrical engineering within a modern factory setting

    • Sharing of Students' Insights



    He Ran, a Grade 10 student, shared his takeaways: "I learnt how digital empowerment can enhance every department within a corporation and the applications of physical switches. This has broadened my understanding of digitalization's role in business and its relevance to my potential future specializations."


    Echoing this sentiment, Harold, a Grade 11 student, said: "Seeing textbook concepts like digitalization and modular programming materialize was the highlight of my day. These ideas enable those without coding expertise to employ digital technologies in their work. It was thrilling to see these theories applied so practically."

    The field trip successfully linked academic learning with real-world practice, inspiring our students to explore potential careers in these cutting-edge fields. The experience was transformative, sparking curiosity and eagerness to delve further into computer science and electrical engineering.