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    YCIS Celebrates Sister Organisation YCCECE’s New Milestone in Tin Wan Campus

    School News

    18 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • YCIS is excited for its sister organization Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE), who have migrated to a brand-new campus in Tin Wan, Aberdeen.

      YCCECE, specialising in nurturing early childhood educators, is the first and only specialist ECE degree-awarding institution in Hong Kong, China, and Asia. Their flagship programme, the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education (BEdECE), has been launched in this academic year. The establishment of YCCECE signifies the completion of the Yew Chung pedigree of a virtuous circle of education, from baby to bachelor, where we nurture, educate and shape the world’s future generations in a supportive and vibrant environment from infancy to tertiary.

      We are very grateful towards two staff members Joyce Chen (Chief Technology Officer) and Rosemary Kelly (recently retired Regional Head of University Counselling) for their generous donations, to create scholarships and bursaries for students of YCCECE. Their generous gifts will help to educate and train more students and passionate individuals pursuing degree studies in ECE education, to make a difference for the next generations and the society, and to becoming Yew Chung Educators!

      To know more, please visit YCCECE's Facebook