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    YCIS Adventure Corps Cadets Programme Launched to Cultivate All-Round Leadership

    School News

    26 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • It was a very exciting moment for the newly formed YCIS Adventure Corps Cadets as they lined up to take delivery of their new Cadet uniforms. With guidance from members from the Hong Kong Adventure Corps Squadron, YCIS Staff and even the Executive Principal Mr. Martin Scott, the students couldn’t help their excitement as they got changed into their official attire.

      When the belts were tightened and the packaging was tidied up, Squadron Leader Mr. Mark Mooney proudly announced for the Cadets to fall into ranks and it was an impressive sight to see the brave new cadets with no matter of fuss line up as an organised collective. It is very inspirational to be amongst such a large contingency of students who have leapt bravely into the unknown for a new life challenge.

      Through training in and outside of the school, team work activities, personal development opportunities and general all-round adventure challenges, the aim is to build character, become a disciplined collaboration and hone and enhance their leadership qualities whilst having a lot of fun and adventures along the way. Cadets will also be a part of many community outreach opportunities as part of selflessly providing service for the School and wider Hong Kong communities.