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    YCIS Students’ Achievements in IB Exam 2019

    School News

    30 Jul, 2019

    10 : 00

    • For the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exams held in May 2019, we are delighted to announce that 1 of our students achieved the score of 44 points, and 17 of them (14.3%) gained 40 points or above. The results published here are provisional because some appeal cases are still being processed.

      Highlights of exam results:

      • 1 student scored 44 points with bilingual diploma; 3 students scored 43 points
      • A total of 17 students (14.3%) gained 40 points or above
      • The average score is 34.4, almost 4.8 points above the world average of 29.63 points of IB’s worldwide candidates

      Worldwide candidates (2019)

      YCIS IB graduates (2019)

      Highest score



      44 points



      43 points



      40 points or above


      14.3% (17 students)

      35 points or above


      48.7% (58 students)

      Average score



      Bilingual Diploma


      69% (82 students)

      Pass Rate


      98% (117 students)

      *Worldwide data of 2018 IB exam is used here as a comparison and the complete statistics will only be available in late 2019.

      Throughout the years, YCIS students have received impressive university offers from all over the world. This year, the 2019 graduating class has received the same recognitions and offers from universities in the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Canada and more.

      Highlights of their university placements:

      University of Cambridge
      Imperial College London
      University of Pennsylvania
      University College London
      Cornell University
      University of Toronto
      London School of Economics and Political Science
      McGill University
      King’s College London
      University of Warwick
      Wellesley College
      Durham University
      University of Hong Kong
      Chinese University of Hong Kong
      Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

      The above list is not exhaustive.