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    YCIS Top Student Michelle Lo Shared Tips for Success in Preparing for IGCSE

    School News

    15 Aug, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Michelle Lo, one of the students scoring 10A*s in the recent IGCSE exam, says “I was really happy when I realized that I’ve got the results that I wanted.” Sharing how she prepares for the IGCSE exams, she states, “The biggest thing I’ve learnt from IGCSE is not to procrastinate, and have time management because there are a lot of deadlines and exams in IGCSE. I really learn how to balance my time and take care of all the assignments on time without stressing out.” In fact, Chinese language has always been a challenge to her as only English is spoken at home. Chinese appears as a second language for her. However, as the Chinese subject is taught in Putonghua at the School, students can study within a bilingual learning environment.  This helps to prepare her well for the exam. Considering that, it is conceivable how difficult the Chinese exam (First language) may seem to Michelle.

      Besides sparing sufficient time for weekly revision, receiving support from teachers is also key to her success. Speaking of her favourite subject, Michelle regards Biology as her favourite subject as there are a wide range of knowledge to learn. More importantly, the great teacher she meets at School, whom she referred to as “walking encyclopedia”, can answer her sudden questions in Biology in great details. She aspires to pursue studies in the field of healthcare or human behavior such as medicine or neuroscience. She will also study Psychology for IB.

      Apart from her hectic academic life, Michelle also actively pursues multiple roles outside classroom. For example, she is the Deputy Head Prefect and one of the Co-Editors of the School’s news platform named “The Pod”. She also involves heavily in other extra-curricular activities like the school-wide musical production, supporting in the backstage and the production of props, as well as participating in the School’s debate team. Alongside her interest in sciences, her strong enthusiasm in writing also made her one of the finalists in a short story writing competition organized by SCMP Young Post with her works entitled A Bitter Potion to Swallow. 

      Joining YCIS since Early Childhood Education, Michelle appreciates the less stressful environment in YCIS where students are encouraged to explore what really interests them. “In all my years in Yew Chung I don’t think I have really to go through academic pressure. There is a focus on doing well, but there’re also room to explore other interests and other passions that you have. It really helps me to become a well-rounded person and do well in all my subjects.”