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    Gifts of Compassion: Stories from Three YCIS Parent Donors

    School News

    29 Jun, 2020

    10 : 00

    • We speak to three YCIS parents whose generous donations have supported the school and its community during these difficult times.

      The last few months have been challenging for students, teachers and parents alike. Whether it is getting used to learning at home, planning an E-Learning curriculum or adjusting to changes in work and in your child’s education, we have all felt the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, it is during these difficult times that we have witnessed the most heartwarming acts of assistance from YCIS parents across all three sections of the school. Since April 2020, YCIS has received more than HK$1 million in donation from 18 donors and this has enabled more families to benefit from the Special Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS), which was established to provide tuition assistance or deferrals to YCIS families who have suffered catastrophic losses during Covid-19. The school is also grateful for the thoughtful donations in kind, such as masks, hand sanitisers, and 700 copies of a children’s book about Covid-19, from 9 donors. “Love and Charity” is one of the three pillars in our school motto and these generous donations from YCIS parents have demonstrated the spirit of compassion in our community. 

      What motivated our parents to donate during these difficult times? One of our donors, Mrs Gao, replied, “I was moved by senior management’s decision to take an immediate pay cut and the announcement that all staff salaries would be frozen for the coming year. Not every school would have done this. YCIS took these steps out of its care for its students and parents. It is not easy for learning and teaching to happen just like any other school day. I think the YCIS community has definitely grown closer during the outbreak.” These words were reiterated by another parent donor, Ms Lo, who expressed her wish to support parents who had been severely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, “I was fortunate to be able to continue with my business and have an income during these difficult times. However, I know many are not in the same position as I am. As many YCIS parents also work in the business sector, I am sure some of them would feel helpless in these circumstances too. I am also certain that the school’s expenses would have increased during Covid-19 because of all the hygiene and safety measures it had to put in place. YCIS is one big family and I hope everyone can support the community in their own capacity.”

      Mrs Gao also traced her motivations to donate to the dedication she witnessed among YCIS teachers. “They have a passion to educate that comes from within. I think teachers at YCIS are role models for their students and give them a sense of direction during these uncertain times,” she commented. Another YCIS parent donor, Mrs Xu, expressed a similar feeling, “My daughter in the Primary section has a class teacher who is very approachable and supportive. The teacher was someone students could trust and confide in. There was this one time when my daughter had a little argument with a few of her classmates. She came home feeling unhappy about what had happened and I suggested she could let her class teacher know. Ever since then, my daughter has told me repeatedly, “Mum, do not worry about it because my teacher said I can always talk to her about any problems directly!” The class teacher’s patient guidance and support really reassured me. My daughter has definitely matured during her time at YCIS. I would say the school is like family to me because I feel at peace when I am part of it.”

      YCIS is deeply touched by the generous and thoughtful donations from our parent community in the last few months. As we continue to navigate these exceptionally challenging times, let us hold onto each other and extend our support to those in our community in greatest need!

      If you would like to make a donation, please contact Josephine Lo at or (852) 3921 1086.