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    What is the Purpose of Child's Play?

    School News

    25 Mar, 2017

    10 : 00

    • There is wider appreciation these days for the importance of “play and exploration”, as supported in a Hong Kong government announcement on 28 February 2017.

      Parents can often look too far ahead to the destination after school graduation and pre-plan years in advance, without observing the unfolding development of the individual child. In some very sad cases this has emerged in high student stress levels with sometimes fatal consequences. Singapore has ranked top in the education ratings for many years but, as reported by the BBC News, 8 March 2017, Dr. Lim of Raffles Institute, is calling for a focus on resilience and positive nurturing. 

      But, more and more parents are stopping to ask themselves, what’s really important along their child’s path towards adulthood.

      We value play to simulate within every child, the makings of:

      • The problem-solver
      • The investigator
      • The communicator
      • The active and engaged learner
      • The designer
      • The constructor
      • The explorer

      When a child joins our Early Childhood Education section (ECE), even at the family interview, we take the time to evaluate the child’s development. “At YCIS ECE the individual social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child is supported where necessary by our SEN teacher. After thorough observations conducted by the teaching team, individual education plans are developed to support the needs of the child. These are comprised of school and home goals, with relevant implementation strategies, to ensure optimal holistic development of the child,” describes Ms. Christy Bush, Special Educational Needs Support teacher at YCIS.

      Watch a snapshot mini video to see how engaged our YCIS early childhood children are in our bilingual environments.