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    Time Capsule: A Glimpse into the Past, Present and Future for our 2022 Graduates

    School News

    02 Aug, 2022

    10 : 00

    • Labelled as ‘Class of COVID’ where COVID-19 had hit these ‘quaran-teens’ the hardest. With IGCSE exams cancelled due to a surge in COVID cases back in 2020, the 2022 IBDP became their first large-scale public examinations. However, our Class of 2022 has steered through these trying and daring periods with never ending perseverance, drive, and passion for learning which have pushed them forward to achieving excellent results.

      In celebration of this extra special graduation, a time capsule was placed for the YCIS HK Class of 2022 on 20 June as a memento of their YCIS school lives as they step out to the larger world.

      Each graduate has written a message for what they would like to tell their decade-later selves. Many felt grateful to be immersed in such a wonderful environment with their peers, whilst others have penned down their promises, goals and aspirations, as well as where they contemplate to be in a decade's time. They expressed not only their short-term goals, like doing well in their dream universities, but also the changes they hope to bring forth in future society.

      Nga Sze, a graduate who attended the ceremony said some "wrote heartfelt messages” while others wrote “goofy” ones. They also stuffed the capsule with silly drawings of themselves. It was also a sentimental moment as they find it difficult to visualise where they would be in 10 years’ time. But it did bring out the excitement of imagining how it will be like to read the message when the time comes.

      Another graduate, Mary Guan, volunteered to lead the burying ceremony. In a decade's time, these then-turned adults will gather in a reunion to unearth their messages, and to reminisce their school days in their alma mater while celebrating the growth they have experienced years after leaving Yew Chung. She expresses her excitement for being the one to bury the capsule and "everybody was laughing so hard".

      The burying of the capsule symbolises the wrapping up of their secondary school lives. With many new challenges and opportunities ahead, their next journeys will be full of anticipation. Luckily, the YC curriculum has equipped these graduates with critical thinking skills and have fully prepared them to embark on upcoming adventures. We look forward to seeing what are in store for them.

      This marks a bittersweet end to their secondary school chapter, and turning of the page on an exciting, promising future.

      Yvonne Wen and Marconi Shung, valedictorians of Class of 2022 said, “We hope you can continue to believe, believe in your dreams so they may come true, and ultimately, believe in yourself, so your dreams will come true.'' We send our hearty congratulations to all graduates of the YCYW community and wish each and every one the best of luck and the smoothest of uphill journeys in their future endeavors. The YCYW alumni association will always be here to support whatever journeys you may choose to take, every step of the way.